About ISP Logger

Hello, I'm Ronald, the founder, and developer of ISP Logger.

Let me tell you a bit more about ISP Logger

Like most of us, I'm an avid internet user.
However not everyday is sunshine and daisies, especially when your ISP starts giving you problems.
In my case, the connection was incredibly inconsistent and unstable.
One minute it would be great at nearly 30 Mbps and a few minutes later the page won't even load and you realise it's not even 1 Mbps or completely dead.

The worst is when the ISP you pay every month suddenly don't deliver and they 'claim' there is nothing wrong with my connection.

That's when I built my first prototype called Rain Speed Test

The above is a great example of a very inconsistent / unstable internet connection.

By pure chance, the website became extremely popular, getting a few thousand hits a month and I started receiving requests to build a version that's installable on any device with a dashboard they can access from anywhere.

And that was the birth of ISP Logger

Want to get in touch with me?
You can find me on Twitter or my personal website, ronaldlangeveld.com